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1. 周济林

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Professor of Astronomy                                                      

Dr.  Ji-Lin Zhou             

Address :

Department of Astronomy ,  Nanjing University  , Nanjing, 210093,  China

E-mail:    Tel:   +86 25 83686051      Fax:  +86 25 83595972 

Teaching Courses:

-Fundamental Celestial Mechanics  (for undergraduate students)

-Introduction to Nonlinear Dynamics  (for graduate students)

Research Interests:

-Celestial mechanics and dynamical astronomy
-Formation and evolution of planetary systems 

2. Frank C. van den Bosch

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I am an associate professor at the Astronomy Department of Yale University.

My research focusses on various theoretical aspects of cosmology, large scale structure, and galaxy formation. In particular, I\'m involved in ongoing projects to study the structure and formation of dark matter haloes, the formation of disk galaxies, the galaxy occupation statistics of dark matter haloes, galaxy-galaxy lensing, preheating of the IGM by pancake formation, and on the bias of galaxies and dark matter haloes.

For more details please consult the research page.